Student Teaching

This is the most important experience in the teacher education program. It is a transitional period between university life and the teaching profession. It is that time when candidates participate actively in an ever-expanding sequence of experiences that will develop competence and teaching values. As students take on the total responsibility of teaching, they have the guidance and support of the cooperating teacher, cooperating Principal, university supervisor, seminar instructor and the Field Services Director who work jointly to help student teachers meet licensure standards.

Period Covered

Student teaching usually takes place in the final semester of the senior year for undergraduate elementary education students. For students in the MAT elementary, secondary or SPED programs, the student teaching portion may be completed after the entire licensure portion of the program is completed.

Placement in Student Teaching in the Baccalaureate Education Program and the Post Baccalaureate Education Program (including MAT) is contingent on the following:

  1. Completion of all licensure courses, including required hours of Observation and Participation field experiences.
  2. Submittal of the following documents by designated due dates (see Forms section);
    • Submittal of the Student Teaching application
    • Receipt of passing PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II Content Area Scores
    • TB clearance
    • Graduation Clearance
    • Three Faculty Recommendations
    • Criminal History Check
    • Active SNEA Membership

School Placement

The Field Services Director, in conjunction with local principals, makes all placements for field experiences. Students are not to seek their own placements, unless they are employed as a full-time teacher at a school.


  • Contact Field Services for Fall and Spring Applications at
  • Please refer to the Field Experiences Manual for more information regarding Student Teaching.

Contact your Academic Advisor or the Field Services Director for more information.