Student Teaching Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for student teaching?
Please see the Student Teaching Section in the Field Services website, as well as in the Field Experiences Manual.

Do I have to student teach if I am already a classroom teacher?
Yes. Please see Field Experiences Manual p. 35 for more details.

Can I do my student teaching out-of-state?
Please see Field Experiences Manual p. 32

I am working full time in a field outside of education. What should I expect for student teaching?
You will need to be placed in a setting by Field Services, and put all other jobs on hold for the entire semester. Student teaching is an unpaid position for duration of about 6 months. However, if you are able to secure a position as a head classroom teacher, you may qualify for in service/validation student teaching when the time comes. See Field Experiences Manual for details.

How many hours must I do for student teaching, and when is it offered?
Student teaching covers a total of at LEAST 15 weeks, sometimes more. This covers an entire regular semester in the average school year. Student teaching is a full time job, in which many hours are devoted outside of the classroom time for instructional planning, grading, research, collaboration, and reflection. Student teaching is only offered two times a year–Fall and Spring.

I am an Educational Assistant full time. Can I do my student teaching in my current position?
No. You will need to give up your current paid position to be a student teacher under a qualified classroom teacher full time. You may not resume any part-time position in a school while student teaching.

I am a science teacher 7-12 but am in a CUH Teacher Education program for special education licensure. Can I do my student teaching in my science classroom?
No. You must do your student teaching as a Special Education teacher. See manual or Field Services Director for details.

Can I apply to student teaching without having Praxis II content test scores?
Yes, you must have completed and passed the Praxis II Content Area test prior to the application deadline.

Can I set up my own student teaching?
No. Unless instructed to do so in cases of out-of-state student teaching (see p. 32). CUH teacher candidates are NOT allowed to set up their own student teaching.

How do I register for student teaching?
You will be registered for student teaching by Field Services prior to the start of the student teaching term. Graduates are registered for 6 credits of student teaching, and 3 credits of seminar, while undergraduates are registered for 9 credits of student teaching, and 3 credits of seminar.

When and where is the orientation to student teaching?
After you have applied and been accepted to student teach, Field Services will send you a letter via email explaining the mandatory Student Teaching Orientation meeting requirements, listing the date and time. Orientation meetings for Fall student teaching usually take place in May. Orientation meetings for Spring student teachers usually take place in December. The meeting is held on the Chaminade campus.

Can I request my university supervisor?
Field Services assigns the university supervisor to the student teacher. You will meet your university supervisor prior to the start of student teaching.