Observation and Participation

Undergraduate students are required to complete at least sixty (60) hours of observation and participation (O&P) in a classroom at the level of licensure the student is pursuing. Graduate students are required to complete at least forty (40) hours. Students participate in upper and lower level elementary, middle-school and high school placements.

O&P Visits

O&P assignments are integrated into the methods courses by the instructor of the course. Students must successfully pass all course requirements including completing the observation and participation hours designated for that course. All education coursework including O&P hours must be completed PRIOR to student teaching.

All Chaminade University O&P students must display their CUH ID cards during each O&P visit. To obtain a CUH ID card, visit Client Services, located in Sullivan Family Library 101. Bring a valid photo ID (e.g., drivers license) for verification.  For office hours, please visit the Client Services website.

Note: MED-only students (non-licensure) who wish to take O&P courses as electives should contact their advisors for specific details.

Students Placed by Field Services

Instructions and Resources:

Full-Time Classroom Teachers


Note: “In house” placements will not be compensated.